Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Apple gadgets for Mother's Day gifts

I read in The Star that 91% of mothers who took part in a survey said they wanted an iPad as a Mother's Day gift instead of fresh flowers. The survey conducted by TechBargains.com revealed that most mothers in the United States wished for the gadget. Many years ago, the gadget of desire would probably have been an ipod touch though this Apple gadget is still an object of desire for many.

The survey also showed that 59% said they would not spend more than US$50 (RM153.50) for gifts and 19% would not buy any gift for their mothers.


  1. Mother's Day confuses me, because it's on different days in SA and Japan. I usually end up forgetting both, and then feeling guilty, and then sending a present (both times).

    PS: You've got very modern mothers in Malaysia! ^^

  2. Wow modern mothers raised the bar huh, of course a 3 year old would also wish for iPad instead of a box of choc more so instead of fresh flowers for mother's day haha. To all Mamas...Happy Mother's Day.

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