Friday, May 11, 2012

Buying gifts for ladies is easier. Methinks..

I am of the opinion that it is easier buying gifts for ladies than for men. I suppose men would beg to differ. Gifts for ladies can include skincare products and perfume and flowers too, of course. Do we give flowers to men? Maybe. Sometimes.

However, skincare products can be a bit tricky unless we know the brand the recipient is already using. The other day, a colleague received as a gift, some gift vouchers for Clarins products. She was beaming because that is the brand she uses.

Have you received gifts that you had absolutely no use for? Easy solution. Give it to someone who has a use for it.


  1. Advanced Extra Firming Neck Cream?

    I could totally use that! :D

    Yes, women are easier. If all else fails, just give 'em flowers and chocolate!

  2. LOL! Aww, you don't need that if you can still read the fine print.

    Oh yes, flowers and chocolate work every time! Maybe we are less demanding and more forgiving? You think?