Thursday, May 24, 2012

Phillip Phillips is the new American Idol - Season 11

We have it, America has voted! From the last two finalists, the new American Idol is Phillip Phillips! This year sees a new record number of votes - 132 million! It was a spectacular 2-hour Grand Finale show. Malaysians were able to watch this live all the way from Los Angeles on Astro Ch 711. There will be repeats tonight, so don't miss it.

It was a great two hours of music and entertainment. The show started with Phillip Phillips singing two songs with John Fogerty of CCR. Other invited artistes included Rihanna, Neil Diamond (which the guy finalists also sang a medley of his songs just ahead of him), past Idol winners, Fantasia Barrino (she looks like Wow!) and Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Lopez, Aerosmith (Walk This Way being one of the two numbers) and a host of other great artistes. The guy finalists sang a medley of Bee Gees numbers in a tribute to Robin Gibb who passed away a few days ago. Jessica Sanchez, the runner-up, belted out a number of songs including the Whitney Houston classic, I Will Always Love You. Give it a listen from a previous performance in the video below.

Disappointed with the outcome?

Oh, by the way, Ryan Seacrest announced that auditions for Season 12 will start in summer.


  1. Oh no! it's WGWG again on AI! Boring!! I had hoped for something different but this is again the typical turnout. Anyway, they are both good and both will make good recording artists and singers, so it doesn't really matter who wins. Still congrats to Phil Phillips! : )

  2. still proud of Jessica Sanchez :)

  3. On the contrary to what Panda commented, I don't feel its boring.

    Jessica has the voice. No contest about that.

    But I like Phillip Phillips because he has more personality. You are drawn to him. And that what makes him an idol. White or not.

  4. i agree with Lina, yes Jessica has the voice but somehow it's just so predictable and you just see her singing, especially there are also a couple of "cliff hanging" moments in her rendition of the song.. as for Philip it's that twist of personality that makes us see he is performing..

    anyway, whoever that has gone into the finals is already a winner, it just depends on where luck goes to.. :)

  5. Foong, looks like a trend, doesn't it but I believe it's just a coincidence.

    WGWG (White Guys With Guitars) who won would have projected an overall winning talent package that attracts voters. People are attracted not only to the voice but to an entire package of what the artiste brings. This time, voters see that in Phillip Phillips.

    To me, Jessica Sanchez is also a winner. In fact, all the finalists are amazing and all of them could sell records already.

  6. Hi Rej, good to see you again.

    Yes, for one so young, Jessica Sanchez is awesome, certainly one to watch.

  7. Lina, I couldn't agree more. It's the overall talent package that makes one an idol and to think that Phillip Phillips is only 21!

  8. SK, indeed, it's not only the voice that counts but the all-rounder wins people's hearts and subsequently their votes.

    And I do agree that the finalists are already winners.