Thursday, May 10, 2012

Genting Resorts World hotel deal

Planning a holiday to Genting Highlands? Resort World has a great hotel deal for stay in July and August at RM48 per night.

My apologies, I should have highlighted this earlier when the ad first appeared. Nevertheless, there are still two more days to make the booking. Clicking on the image below will take you to the Genting Highlands website where you can make your booking or check out details about the hotel deal.


  1. i think i saw this ad somewhere but i didn't take action.. because normally the cheapest deal are not available for grabs, even if only applicable on weekdays.. did you try your luck anyway?? haha!! :p

  2. The timing is not right for me though

  3. not bad :) but i think genting has lots of promo nowadays

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  4. Don't really need to stay at Genting hotels. I have spent a night at Starbucks and in the open air hahaha!! Next day in the evening only went back home to sleep! : D