Friday, May 4, 2012

Breaking and entering

A friend had his car broken into at Hartamas yesterday. A side glass was broken to gain entry. Good thing his laptop and iPad were not in the car then. He lost his house-keys though and a few other small items including his sunshades but the loose change in the coin compartment were not taken. His black leather shoes were also untouched.

On the same day, a colleague had his crash helmet stolen from his motorbike at a shopping complex carpark. He normally locks both his shoei motorcycle helmets by the side of the bike. He found one missing after he finished shopping and went back to get his bike.

Life goes on..


  1. So the car and the bike themselves weren't stolen? That would've been the case in South Africa. Quite possibly with driver and all.

    Glad the drivers/owners are OK!

  2. Both are lucky that they still have their vehicle. Another friend isn't so lucky. Her Honda was stolen with three months to go on the loan.

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