Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ferrari accident in Singapore - Watch collision impact on video

Are you always in a rush to get going the minute the light turns green? You may think again after watching the video which captured the recent accident at Bugis Junction in Singapore on Saturday in which three people were killed after a red Ferrari jumped a red light and rammed into a taxi which subsequently hit a motorbike.

The three who died are the driver of the red Ferrari, Ma Chi, a Chinese national, a financial investor from Sichuan who together with his wife and child had relocated to Singapore four years ago; the 52-year-old taxi driver, Cheng Teck Hock, who died in Tan Tock Seng Hospital on Sunday evening after his heart stopped; and his passenger, Shigemi Ito, a Japanese woman in her 20s believed to be living and working in Singapore.

The video..

The two survivors of this horrific accident are 26-year-old motorcyclist, Muhammad Najib Ghazali, and a 20-something female passenger in the Ferrari, believed to be also a Chinese national, a student who earlier on was celebrating at a graduation party with her classmates. Ms Wu Wei Wei, a student from Wuhan, China, has just completed a hospitality course at the East Asia Institute of Management.

Watching the video, there is no denying that it is all so fast, so surreal. The cars were certainly real, not plastic model car kits that kids play with or adults collect them as a hobby.

Again, take a minute or two before you step on that accelerator. Also, most importantly, never jump a red light!

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- The Straits Times
- YouTube


  1. yeah, a very terrible crash!! psssst, your video is a still image, this is the link with the actual footage

  2. SK, thanks for the heads-up about the video. Strange that I was able to view it earlier on. Video has been replaced using your link. Thanks again.

  3. the one who recorded this video just had a very narrow escape!! if the driver has pressed the accelerator a little harder and move 1 second faster, he/she would have been crashed in together!! scary~~

  4. What a horrible accident!! I shuddered thinking about it.