Monday, May 14, 2012

These Boots are Made for Walking..

Now who says cowboy boots are for cowboys only? A visiting colleague from the U.S. just walked into the office with the most rugged-looking pair of cowboy boots, and I know he isn't a cowboy. I don't know, he probably is back home, being from the state of Texas.

I think cowboy boots not only are they good to look at, they will surely provide many years of wear and feet protection. Not sure if they are suitable for our climate though but I have seen people wearing them here and they look great too - both the wearer and the boots. Are you a boots person?

Wait, let's get retro a little with this Nancy Sinatra classic, These Boots Are Made for Walking. Enjoy!


  1. I love boots.

    specially knee high ones, but those are totally unsuitable to wear here. ;p

  2. Me too - but not the knee-high ones though. Love boots to bits. Bought a suede pair in New Zealand - not sure whether in Auckland or Queenstown. Thought I got them for a steal too.

  3. i think boots are nice but then it's something rare over here in malaysia, such that it seems rather "over" when you see people wearing boots on the street.. hehe!!