Friday, May 11, 2012

Andy Lau proud father of baby girl

The Star reported that

HONG Kong superstar Andy Lau is the proud father of a baby girl who weighs about 2.7kg (about 6 lbs), China Press reported.

It was reported that Lau's wife, Malaysian Carol Chu, 46, gave birth at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital in Happy Valley on Tuesday.

The report also said that both mother and daughter were doing fine. However, Lau, 50, has yet to make any official statement about the birth.

Andy Lau's “Little Dragon Girl” was born on May 9.

Congratulations Andy Lau and Carol Chu!

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  1. Glad Carol's ok... It's kinda dangerous to deliver a baby at such age

  2. True, glad that Carol Chu is doing well, and the baby too. Read that the birth timing was selected.

    Charmaine, thanks for stopping by.