Sunday, August 18, 2013

RhythmTech RT8000 Cabasa makes Latin and world music sound better

An essential effect for Latin and world music is the sound of the RhythmTech RT8000 Cabasa!

This well-made Cabasa is made from hardwood with chrome fittings.  It has a rubber grip for easier, more comfortable play. A linear pattern on the scraper produces a brighter more cutting sound according to one musician in his review of this musical instrument.

Another reviewer shares that it is much more controllable than a shaker and that you are only limited by your imagination.  It records well and seems to hold up really well. 

The Cabasa is easy to use, yet extremely diverse with a great sound and could be used in almost any style of music, particularly in the intro as suggested.  The Cabasa is an excellent instrument, yet is cheaper than the Latin Percussion.  You would want to check it out.

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