Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Genting Highlands bus crash this afternoon

The Star reported that

Twenty-six people have been confirmed dead so far after a bus carrying 49 people plunged into a 30m ravine near Genting Highlands around 3pm this afternoon.

According to Fire and Rescue Department deputy director-general Datuk Soiman Jahid, 41 have been pulled out of the bus.

Those dead included the driver of the bus.

It is believed that the bus driver had lost control of the bus, which then rammed a divider before plunging down the gorge.

The bus carrying 49 passengers was coming down from Genting Highlands and heading towards Kuala Lumpur.

Source: The Star..26 confirmed dead in Genting bus crash

Incidentally, today is the 15th day of the 7th lunar month.

53 passengers were on board the bus of which 37 were killed and 16 injured.

Following is the list of survivors who identities have been established so far:

At Hospital Kuala Lumpur:

Wong Teraphong, 63 (Thailand)
Ali Haider Syed Haider, 46 (Bangladesh)
Saidah, 19 (Malaysia)
Razif, 26 (Malaysia)
Tan Ming Shing, 26 (Malaysia)

At Selayang Hospital:
Raawnok Arefin, 14 (Bangladesh)
Nu Syamimi Ja'afar, 25 (Malaysia)
Nur Fathiah Ja'afar, 21 (Malaysia)
Rashidah Buyah, 50 (Bangladesh)
Andri Purwadi, 25 (Indonesia)
Nurul Quraitul Aini, 19 (Malaysia)
Rezyan Arefin, 24 (Bangladesh)
Nur Fridil Gusman, 23 (Indonesia)

Source: The Star..Genting bus crash: Bodies of victims sent to HKL

Updated Survivor list as of Aug 23 from The Star..

Updated Deceased list as of Aug 23 from The Star..

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  1. Oh dear! latest by The Star, 37 perished. This must be a pretty huge bus to contain 53 pax where the norm is 44 seaters. Oh my goodness a spooky coincident on 15th of 7th lunar month?

    1. Sad. No mention of what kind of bus though.

      I wonder if stats show that there are more deaths in this 7th month sometimes known as Ghost month. A former colleague passed away last week due to the big C.

      There's a Chinese belief that very sick people are wary of this month. As a matter of fact, they are wary of any major festival as a major festival is like a hurdle to cross.

  2. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Mostly locals and Banglas, I see...

    1. The list above is the survivors list.

  3. Why is it not surprising this had to happen during the Hungry Ghost Month and on the 15h to be exact?

    1. Which explains why people avoid travelling during the Hungry Ghost Month, i.e., the 7th lunar month. Also, swimming is a shunned activity this month of the year - as well as the third lunar month.

      But then again, Genting Highlands is still a must-visit holiday destination in Malaysia and it's just an hour away from Kuala Lumpur. So, don't miss it when you do visit Kuala Lumpur. Include that into your itinerary.