Friday, August 9, 2013


Do you believe in coincidences or do you believe that things happen in waves or that the mind is such a powerful and efficient computer that it immediately connects things?

I just read an article about training our creative mind and the strategies we can use in our daily life to train our mind to be more creative.  Funny how sometimes you can come across different reading material and yet they are somewhat related subject matter.

After reading that article on training the mind to be more creative, I came across one that has this statement, "Our capabilities are only limited by your imagination". This one is from, a ceramics company that manufactures and stock-distributes industrial and technical ceramics and they serve industries including Aerospace, Research, Food Processing, Fluid Handling, Scientific, Automotive, Defense, Thermal Processing, Power Generating, Process Control, Textile & Wire, Pulp & Paper, Mechanical, Glass Processing, Mineral Processing as well as smaller niche markets.

Coincidence or perhaps the mind is wired that way to zoom in on related matters?

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