Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Frolics - How Do You Color Your Life?

Yeah, how do you color your life? Take the quiz to find out.

Happy Friday, everyone!

You Color Your Life With Subtle Coolness

You are a full of grace and peace. You don't let yourself get worked up.

You tend to be a bit reserved. You only speak when you really have something to say.

You aspire to a lot in life, and you're quietly working on your plan to take over the world.

You are elegant and a bit of a snob. You can't help it... you like expensive things!

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  1. I Color My Life With Vibrant Brightness!! and oh, it's quite true about myself~~ :)

    I am an energetic person who's obsessed with ideas and modern. I love technology, and I like to be on the cutting edge of things. I tend to be a little materialistic. I love to shop. I love sophisticated and dramatic things. I were born to live in the heart of the city.

  2. Haha HappySurfer we got the same with Subtle Coolness. Have a great TGIF and a cool weekend.

  3. Mine is the same as yours

  4. Heh heh. I'm also a cool subtle snob! :D