Monday, August 26, 2013

Protecting your PC with a reliable Anti-Virus Software

A computer that has access to the Internet has a chance of being infected with malicious threats such as viruses, adware, spyware and Trojans. These threats can cause damage to the computer's operating system. Some of these threats can also replicate themselves as well as send emails to people in our address books, the latter I have been on the receiving end before and a nightmare for the unsuspecting email-sender.

There are a number of ways a computer can get infected and they include through email messages, websites and pop-up windows. Accidentally stumbling upon websites or typing in a wrong website address can sometimes result in more and more windows being opened. I read that the only way to stop this from continuing is to shut down the computer. However, if the computer does not have anti-virus protection, it could easily be infected and once the computer is restarted the virus could replicate itself into the system registry. Having an anti-virus software in a computer is not an option but a sure way to protect your computer.  The anti-virus software would need to be the first thing to have installed before you start using your computer.

What anti-virus software to install you may ask.  Here's a source for an ESET reseller. ESET has just released version 5 of the home version. ESET has been providing antivirus technology since 1992 and serves customers in more than 80 countries. Its software packages are available in 15 languages and boasts some of the industry’s most coveted honors. It holds more 100% awards from that Independent Test Lab than any other manufacturer in the world, a claim NO OTHER Antivirus Manufacture in the world can make.

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