Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan earthquake, tsunamis cause widespread destruction

Watching CNN videos of the waves sweeping across paddy fields, airports, displacing cars and boats is giving me goosebumps. My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected. Below is a CNN video..

According to CNN
• Thousands feared dead after tsunami
• 8.9-magnitude quake triggers huge waves
• Evacuations near nuclear power plant
• Tsunami alert for 50 countries, territories

The most powerful earthquake to hit Japan in recorded history struck off the island nation's shore on Friday, collapsing buildings, touching off widespread fires and unleashing walls of water up to 30 feet high.

The waves swept across rice fields, engulfed towns, dragged houses onto highways, tossed cars and boats like toys -- reaching as far about six miles (10 kilometers) inland in Miyagi Prefecture on Japan's east coast.

Hundreds of people were dead and hundreds more missing, Japanese media reported, citing local and national police. Tens of thousands of people were displaced, according to Japan's Kyodo News agency.

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  1. i was in a meeting that time, and when i came out colleagues were all talking about this news.. because we have another colleague who just went over to Tokyo for business trip, and he was stranded there because there's not transportation operating and airport was closed, which he's actually supposed to fly back today.. oh, i wish everyone's well..

  2. Thank goodness for facebook and twitter, I managed to know all my friends there are safe and sound.

    Scary to see such devastation. :(

  3. "THe Human Planet" seems very busy with disasters recently, doesn't it?

  4. SK, oh dear! Hope your colleague managed to fly back as planned.

    Bananaz, indeed.

  5. Lina, good to know your friends are okay. Mine too except for some cleaning up required.

    Ai Shiang, Earth is dying.. Sounds morbid, I know.

  6. This is the beginning of 2012? Hope God give us more time to repent... :(

  7. I cannot recall where I heard this phrase before. It goes something like this, why people get fever? It's to kill off the virus/bacteria. Why earth gets fever (warm up)? To kill off all the people! Literally stating that people is the virus of the earth. Does that make sense? Somehow it does to me :(