Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Twitter!

Twitter turned 5 two days ago on Mar 21. Twitter, that microblogging site has a membership of 200 million users, making it one of the most-visited services on the Web.

If you are a Twitter user, you would be enjoying this easy and fast way of getting in touch with your buddies and family or letting them know your whereabouts and activities. You would probably be knowing more about your sports or music idols. Sharing information is never easier.

In honor of its fifth birthday, CNN shares five ways how Twitter has changed the digital communication game. See if you agree.

1. Made a fast flow of information faster
- news spreads faster than ever with Twitter.

2. Removed the celebrity filter - Lots of stars chat with their followers shares photos, or even just updates on their everyday lives, let fans see stars in a way they never could before.

3. Created "thought leaders" - When a single tweet puts your thoughts in front of hundreds of thousands of people, you're able to help set the agenda in your community.

4. Strengthened the "second screen" - With Twitter, nobody has to watch a TV show by themselves again. You can have a real-time conversation with thousands of fellow fans watching the same show. Stats has shown that Twitter traffic increases by a factor of 30 whenever "Glee" is on. And during this year's Super Bowl, there were 4,000 tweets sent per second.

5. (Over)simplified the conversation - 140 characters may not be enough to tell our story so some of us will have to shoot out two or more tweets.

For more details and some interesting links, read the CNN article.

So, are you on Twitter yet?

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Source: CNN


  1. errr, i still have not tweet yet, haha.. am only having a FB account for social networking~~ :p

  2. I'm not a twitter! Haha! I didnt even know how "twitter" is spelt. Only knew now.

  3. It's been five years already? My!

  4. SK, maybe you don't see a need for it. It's a quick way to keep family and friends connected. It can be used to improve traffic to your blog or drive traffic to your business, if any. There really is a wealth of information out there.

  5. Ai Shiang, it's a great tool if it serves your purpose.

  6. Lina, right, 5 years and 200 million users! Whatcha doing?

  7. Twitter ruless. :D I love Twitter. I think it is the best thing to hit the internet beside blog.