Thursday, March 31, 2011

A tip to increase traffic to your site

Google has a nice doodle today. It's to honour Robert Bunsen who would have been 200 today if he were still alive. Does the name ring a bell? Bunsen? Something to do with science?

Robert Bunsen, the German scientist who developed the Bunsen burner.
What else is happening around the world today? Libya is still worrisome, so is the nuclear leakage in Japan, floods in Perlis, mudslide in Krabi, Thailand, and tourists had to be helped out to safety on Tao Island. McD served its last breakfast this morning. The outlets must have been crowded with long queues. And traffic to my sites seeking printable vouchers has also tapered off.

I'm no expert on SEO but I must be doing something right on keywords in the title of the posts. I read that keywords in the title can get your post/blog listed higher up on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) meaning that your post appears higher up in the page of search results. Research has shown that chances of people clicking on your site are much higher when you are listed on top, preferably above the fold on page 1.


  1. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Oh yeah...I noticed the doodle.

  2. Hohoho yankee doodle google..have been doodling in schools all these while but dont know the meaning until I googled..

  3. Oh yeah bunsen sounds so familiar until I saw the pix its bunsen burner used in school labs been a long long time now...tQ

  4. hmmm, my post titles are made into 4 chinese words by intention, don't think they can be keywords to be search through yeah??

  5. Very observant there, Mei Teng.

    Bananaz, hmm...what were you doodling then, I wonder..

  6. SK, perhaps they are being searched for in the Chinese language. Ever noticed any spike in traffic when you wrote about something that had international or regional attention?

    Btw, ever thought about using English post title? More traffic more earnings from Nuffnang, leh. Think about it.