Thursday, March 3, 2011

Steve Jobs launches Apple's new iPad 2

Contrary to speculation that Steve Jobs might not be unveiling iPad 2 due to his leave of absence, Jobs did take the stage to pitch Apple’s new iPad 2 as reported by NY Times.

SAN FRANCISCO — Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, interrupted his medical leave to introduce the company’s much-anticipated new iPad, a thinner, faster and lighter version of its popular tablet computer that will sell at the same price as the original models. More..

Introducing the iPad 2..from the Apple website..
The iPad 2 comes in black and white.

A choice of 10 different colors..
Watch video of the launch by Steve Jobs, Mar 2
Watch the iPad 2 video..
See the Smart Cover in action
Appeal of iPad 2 Is a Matter of Emotions, NY Times

- NY Times
- Apple, Inc.


  1. This is the much-improved version. :D

  2. Actually, people are saying that iPad 2 is minor upgrade from original iPad.

  3. Tekkaus, it is. Watch the video on the launch. The link is in the post.

  4. KS, actually, I think they could be mistaken. Of course, the fundamental features are still there but iPad 2 does have some great improvements. For starters, it's a lot thinner and faster with its dual-core A5 chip. Graphics are 9 times faster.

    I like it that it's lighter too, 1.3 vs 1.5 pounds of the first generation iPad. Two cameras and with all the new improvements, battery life is still maintained at 10 hours. And the price is still maintained at from USD499.

    Two great accessories - the HDMI video output and the Smart Cover that comes in 10 different colors (5 polyurethane and 5 leather) and they are with magnet grasp and auto align.

    Yep, certainly a lot of new features, including the Camera booth (great to keep kids entertained), Garageband (great for musicians and non-musicians alike), iMovie (excellent editing capability), etc.

    KS, watch the video on the launch - all 71 minutes and you may be amazed and possibly be moved enough to plan a purchase.

    No doubt it's an amazing product. The first generation iPad sold 15 million units in just nine months. There is an estimate that 50 million of the iPad 2 will be sold.

    The iPad 2 will be in stores in the US on Mar 11 while overseas will have theirs on Mar 25. Watch the video..

  5. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Really hard to keep up with the speed of technology huh? Now there's already iPad 2.

  6. nice and cool.. but i think i want iPhone 5 more than this~~ :p

  7. Great Jobs to launch iPad兔tù catching on with the year of the Rabbit..Nice cover with slimmer lesser lbs and two colors and what else at the same price. Cool..

  8. Amazing that people in many places have high tech gadgets yet still no clean water to drink or sanitary sewage systems. Progress?