Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Right Hair Loss Products

Here's a quiz. What has four letters and keep some people awake all night? Ah-ha, dirty minds at work now! I know what you are thinking but not that. It's hair.

Believe me, some people do lose sleep over loss of hair. Hair was recently the topic of our breakfast discussion. We have a colleague who went for a hair-growing exercise though we don't see any difference after that. Hate to burst his bubble so we are not saying a word.

There are lots of hair loss products in the market today and many products promise much but deliver little. So, if you see a need for a hair loss product, best to check it out thoroughly before you commit to it.


  1. Actually has loss can be reversed but it will take long time, with the right food supplement, it should be ok,,,,

    i too have receding hairline,and i said to myself,i will choose to go bald instead of spending any money on hair growth formulas,hahahh,, baldy can be sexy hahahahahh

  2. bald man can be sexy but bald woman? XD

  3. yes, it's scary to see the hair loss after delivered XJ (during the confinement)! Wondering it grew back that much... :-(

  4. @lina: yeah its not good to see a bald woman.

    It is really good to use the right product.

  5. use honey treatment and consume omega 3 to prevent hair loss
    they both work best for me and more less risk than chemical products

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  6. Now a days hair loss is a very common problem, i think organic hair products is best for this because these products has no side effects.