Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pretty Pink McDonald's Coca-Cola Can Glass

If Pink is your color, then today is your day! McDonald's Pink Coca-Cola can glass goes on sale today or rather you could get one FREE when you purchase a Coca-Cola Glass Meal which is 'Any McValue Meal + Sundae'.

This Pink can glass is the fourth in McDonald's series of 6 Coca-Cola can glasses in this collector's item set. The Charcoal can glass started the ball rolling on April 29, followed by the Purple one on May 5. The Blue glass followed suit on May 12 and this week, it's Pink. Pretty, pretty Pink. Get one for your sweetheart..

If by any chance you have skipped a beat and missed out on one of the colors, you can always drop by here to post a request. Who knows, you might even get to fill in the missing color and complete your collection.

Psst.. if you are in Singapore, come on over to Johor Bahru. For the exchange rate to your advantage, you can even get two.

Happy collecting, Everyone!


  1. First time I see a Can glass, looks very nice. ^_^

    Incidentally, I will be popping by JB this Saturday to visit my grandma. I want to buy the glass, but I don't wnat to eat the meal. What to do?

  2. Hope my hubby will get it. We got the other three already.^^

  3. i just got mine during lunch just now, haha!! am gonna collect the complete set this round.. :)

  4. The glasses look very nice right? Too bad I don't eat McD much. Maybe I'll buy just to get those glasses! LOL!

  5. Shingo, they do look great. I prefer this design to the earlier one.

    The Can glass can be purchased without a meal purchase at RM8.80 each.

    Lina, got yours yet? They are going fast.

  6. SK, no regrets, eh?

    Foong, if you didn't start with the first one, the Charcoal glass, you wouldn't be able to get a complete set now unless of course you buy them from others.