Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trusty metal cabinets

Metal cabinets may not look so great in a living room but they certainly work very well in a garage or a storeroom, don't you think?

Made of steel and of sturdy construction, they last for years. No more worries about termite or bug infestation. The metal cabinets at Durham Manufacturing come in three sizes. You can choose from 36", 48", 60" wide units. They come in full height flush doors with 7 gauge leave hinges that prevent sagging. There are many other good features that make metal cabinets a winning buy which accounts for why they are cabinets of choice for industries.
If you are working with small parts as in a garage and are looking into small parts storage for better inventory management and ease of access, Durham Manufacturing has just the storage product for you. From open bins to clear-view cabinets to drawer cabinets or even plastic compartment boxes and racks, there would be one solution that would fit your storage needs. A stock service cart could also help organize tools and parts for easy access and improved work flow.

Durham, headquartered in Durham, Connecticut, was founded in 1922 and has developed into one of the leading producers of metal and plastic products for packaging, storage, organization of maintenance products as well as heavy duty material handling equipment, storage and workstations.


  1. Trusty and no rusty metal cabinets..been using one four tiers metal filing cabinet for ages. They are good. tQ.

  2. I agree.. A really great way to store a lot of different things from your household, business, or office is by making use of a metal storage cabinet.