Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fabulous Personalized Holiday Cards

When was the last time you bought a physical greeting card? Remember how much you paid for it? Yep, cards are no longer as cheap as they used to be thanks to inflation resulting in the escalating costs of every product along the supply chain.

All is not lost. How does $1.00 (One dollar) a card grab you?! Don't just take my word for it, check out At this price, everyone can stock up on greeting cards. Sure beats having to shop last minute too.

Fabulous Stationery has cards with over 1,500 versatile designs that can be personalized for any occasion. Whatever style you fancy, fun and bold, funky and abstract, sophisticated and simple, there will be a card design you will like for your Personalized Holiday Cards. Be fabulous! Stand out from the rest, have your own personalized greeting cards! Your business card can also be personalized. Whichever design you choose, Mid Century Design or contemporary and fun, it will surely leave a lasting impression with its distinct design.

Create excitement and fun with their Modern Invitations for brunch invites, birthday celebrations, baby showers, anniversaries, the possibilities are limitless.
Play a part in helping the environment. Fabulous Stationery has note cards you can feel good about. There are select designs offered in 100% recycled paper, plus, it’s manufactured entirely chlorine free. Look out for designs marked with the green leaf icon.
Fabulous Stationery - fabulous cards indeed!


  1. haha, i guess rarely people are sending cards anymore nowadays right?? SMS and FB message would be more of the trend, although i think a nice little card would be warmer, sweeter and mean a lot more.. :)

  2. SK, true. The Internet has cut down a lot of physical cards though I still do send cards for that personal touch. A card always accompanies each present I give. I'm traditional like that.