Monday, July 11, 2011

How to get rid of Stretch Marks

At breakfast the other day, moms and expectant moms were sharing tales of their offspring, their pregnancies and such. Stretch marks were mentioned. No idea what stretch marks are?

Stretch marks occur at the belly of pregnant women (from the navel down) and sometimes they even appear at the back of thighs and calves. For most, these marks disappear after the baby comes, though some stay a while longer. Some, never go away, I hear.

I gathered from the discussion that something wonderful called shea butter can remove those ugly stretch marks. See how lucky you guys are without having to mess around with things like that?

But then again, we, women get to grow a life inside of us. How cool is that! Wanna trade?


  1. Try Franch oil, heard from some ladies,,,,,,,it worked well

  2. Cocoa butter worked wonders for me. The problem was, the place that I didn't lather the cocoa butter, that's where my stretch marks appeared. LOL

  3. Try ironing at low medium heat..hehe~;).