Monday, July 4, 2011

Yellow is a tricky color to wear now

If yellow is your favorite color...

Malaysia Bans Yellow Clothing according to an online news site.

No yellow shirts, hats, or pants.
Dress code “Yellow” is officially banned in Malaysia.

Malaysia Today reports -- the government is cracking down to prevent a July 9th demonstration organized by a group of opposition backed activists -- called Bersih -- Anyone wearing yellow will automatically be identified as a protester.

“Is it a crime to wear yellow T-shirt?”(Malaysia Today)

Yes! -- says Malaysian Home Minister in a press conference. The Guardian quotes his response:

“The Bersih T-shirt is related to an illegal assembly, then whatever they are wearing is illegal."

And he’s serious -- 14 people have already been arrested in yellow.

The speech immediately caused an uproar and strong media backlash.
Continue reading...Malaysia Bans Yellow Clothing - with video

Image source: The Guardian. It shows Malaysian activists in Bersih (Clean) T-shirts at a 2007 rally. Photograph: AP


  1. RIDICULOUS!!! what crime is it that we wear yellow?? absurd and irresponsible explanation.. if so, does the tiger head bank, the gigi mobile operator, the yoohoo glue need to change corporate color?? the moon and star on the flag cannot be yellow as this is "kotor" then??

  2. Ahem! Saw a video clip where YBs got hand cuffed by polis wearing yellow themselves so how?. HappySurfer nothing mentioned about cars can Bananaz drive his yellow Camaro or should leave it at home and take a bus? Wonder will they also seize my yellow Mini Cooper 'S' the moment I walk out of KFC? Going crazy..

  3. Just so absurd!

    These policians seems to be afraid of their own shadow, that is why they resort to doing things that is completely ridiculous!

    Bananaz cannot go out lah now. He is all yellow! LOL

  4. budaya kuning ma :)

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