Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Winner of China's Got Talent 2011

A few queries on 'who won China's Got Talent?' got me digging for the answer. After this video of the talented 12-year-old Mongolian boy, like me, you may also be wondering as to whether he took home the trophy. Did he?

The winner of second season CGT (China's Got Talent), one of China’s most popular reality TV shows, is a 19-year-old popper. Zhuo Jun, enthralled the audience at the four-hour-long China's Got Talent finals held at Shanghai Stadium on Sunday, Jul 10. Susan Boyle was among the performing guest artistes.
According to CNNGO:
Growing up on the farm in Guangxi Province, Zhuo Jun only started popping two years ago. He learnt purely by imitating Michael Jackson and Korean star Poppin Hyun Joon on TV and through the Internet.

Zhuo is also the only university student in his village.

The 19-year-old was crowned champion after beating seven other contestants in a four-hour long final competition in Shanghai Stadium in the rain.

Zhuo Jun told a reporter from Tencent that he had decided to stick with his studies after winning the show.

Btw, winner of the first season of CGT is the armless pianist, Liu Wei.

Enjoy Zhuo Jun's performance..
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