Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tropical storm Nock-Ten wreaks havoc

Nock-Ten, named after a Laotian bird, is definitely not as mild as a bird. Instead, it is causing much damage and so far, the tropical storm has resulted in floods and landslides taking lives in Korea, The Philippines and elsewhere.

The image below shows cars stranded on a submerged street in Seoul as 400mm of rainfall pounded Seoul yesterday. At least 28 people were killed.

By contrast, the weather here in KL is pleasant. I don't want to sound like gloating or anything like that. The MET department says the effects of the tropical storm are not likely to affect Malaysia directly, so we are a lot luckier over here. Tropical storm Nock-Ten is expected to bring rain and strong winds to northern Sabah and the middle of the peninsula over the next two days.

From where I am, I can still see the sunlight streaming through the trees casting shadows on the ground. I gave a silent thanks and said a prayer for those who are going through the horrible weather in parts hit by the Laotian bird. May the storm blow over quickly so that people can pick up the pieces and go about their business, the business of making the most of life.

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Image source: The Star


  1. Oh dear this year seems like got lots of water everywhere..KL?

  2. I read there would be more disasters ahead in the 7th lunar month which begins on Jul 31. So everyone should be extra careful in the 7th lunar month. Avoid dark places and staying out too late. Take care, everyone.

  3. Compared with that, the nasty storms we've been getting lately seem like April showers. Wow...

    Then again, we keep getting these damned earthquakes...