Thursday, July 21, 2011

Discount wholesale costume jewelry at

Today, more and more people (women and men alike) are turning to costume jewelry to heighten their fashion statement. Unlike actual jewelry, which can be costly yet limited in designs, costume jewelry is miles ahead when it comes to designs and choices. Of equal importance, if not more, costume jewelry is a lot kinder on the wallet too.

If you are in the market to expand your jewelry collection and don't know where to look for cheap yet beautiful costume jewelry, you've come to the right place., an online wholesale costume jewelry outlet, is where you can buy beautiful designer-inspired costume jewelry without having to pay designer prices but at wholesale prices! Their stock includes costume jewelry rings, designer-inspired bracelets, necklaces, designer-inspired earrings, rhinestone jewelry, religious jewelry, even wedding jewelry, and lots of other jewelry and accessories - all at the lowest prices. You would be happy to note that prices start from as low as $3.99. All items are under $25!

You can also find great-looking vintage pieces like this stunning aqua antique vintage-style, gold-toned bracelet. The intricate, detailed design (click on image to enlarge) is studded with vibrant aqua colored rhinestones. You will love this gorgeous piece!! Looks fabulous dressed up or dressed down. Truly exquisite! This is a cuff-style bracelet, and fits medium to large wrists best. It's priced at $10.00 and only 9 pieces of it left.

Costume jewelry at Finders Keepers Jewelry not only make great gifts for oneself, your friends and loved ones would love them too.

At prices such as theirs, jewelry at Finders Keepers is perfect for reselling be it at boutiques, spas, salons, specialty shops, at home shows, fund-raisers, trunk shows, craft fairs and in many online venues. If you are already in the business, you may have found your costume jewelry outlet of choice. No minimum purchase necessary. With Finders Keepers Jewelry, you will never have to pay retail again!


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