Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The new standard in horse fencing

Horses are not common animals we see here there being no farm that requires the help of horses. Therefore, there is no way I could get first-hand information if I need to know about horses. Printed literature or the Internet would be the regular sources for required information.

Recently, I came across a horse fencing site with enough information to give me a much better idea on the various types of horse fences available. Didn't know there is more to horse fences than just poles and gates.

Buckley Fence not only has a range of horse fencing and fencing, there are also equestrian barns and horse stalls. Buckley Fence offers two distinct metal fencing solutions - Buckley Steel Board and Alumashield Fences. These fences are beautiful, quality horse fences that not only make a great first impression, they will forever enhance your property and serve their purpose exceedingly well whether used to safely contain your horses or simply grace the front of your property.

Besides being strong and durable, Buckley fences are maintenance-free with rails that will not break, warp or sag. The protective coating will not chip or peel and has superior long-term resistance to fading, chalking or corrosion.

The horse fences are cleverly designed for easy installation. The Steel Board Horse Fence has pre-drilled posts lined with rubber grommets to protect the rails with internal lock spacers. This eliminates the need for nails or screws. The Alumashield Horse Fence connectors have a single set screw that securely holds the rails in place.

A Buckley horse fence is eco-friendly and will not end up as waste for the landfill because all material used is 100% recyclable. If you need someone to discuss your fencing needs, Buckley would be the people to call. It's toll-free.

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