Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Need a Coffee maker for the home?

If you are a coffee-drinker, ever thought about getting your own coffee maker for the home and brewing your own coffee if you don't already own one? There is a wide selection of coffee makers in the market. One of the better brands is the Bunn range of coffee makers. Their coffee-makers are equipped with a new and improved brewing method that will surely enhance your coffee-drinking experience. You day will start right with a perfect cup of coffee every morning of the week.
Why buy a Bunn stainless coffee maker? Bunn brewers brew at a consistent temperature so the flavor doesn't get left behind when water is too cold or coffee becoming bitter when water is too hot. Unlike drip-type brewers, Bunn brewers quickly release all the water at once to create the needed mixing action to evenly extract the ideal flavors from the coffee grounds.

Coffee-drinkers are learning that besides good coffee beans, a good stainless coffee maker (can be a single-cup or multiple-cup brewer) does make a difference in the taste of the coffee produced. A tip here though, use good-tasting water as any “off tastes” in your water will be carried over into your brewed coffee.

If you are a male and not drinking coffee, you might want to start drinking coffee. Results from a Harvard study that followed almost 50,000 male health professionals for more than two decades found that coffee lowers the risk of prostate cancer. The new study shows that six cups a day would result in a 60 percent reduction in risk of aggressive prostate cancer. However, men who drank three cups a day had a 30 percent lower chance of getting a lethal prostate cancer.


  1. Coffee!

    I only drink a kaw one on weekends but not on weekdays. My stomach cannot take a lot of coffee in week so I reserve it for the weekends. :)

  2. I would love to buy one...one day. haha :D

  3. i don't drink coffee, but six cup a day is a little too much right?? hmm, maybe i shall start drinking coffee in the morning, kopi ping, haha!! cos if i drink it past noon, for sure i can't sleep at night..

  4. I can't drink too much coffee or else I will feel restless and jittery. One cup a day is max for me!

    The problem with coffee is the amount of sugar and milk in it. I think pure coffee without sugar and milk is best but I am not a fan of that!

  5. Lina, a treat for the weekend, eh? I drink coffee whenever the urge hits, otherwise, the regular is tea. I love the smell of coffee though, esp in the mornings. You know it's going to be a great day..

    Tekkaus, you know where to find one.. ;)

  6. SK, I agree that six cups can be quite a test. Well, one is better than none for the benefits.

    Foong, yep, one cup is better than none.

    Guys, I read that tomatoes in any form is good for you too.

  7. Oh, man...I practically live on coffee these days.

    I can't brew coffee much at home because my wife can't tolerate the smell, but I make and drink it a lot at work. I usually like to hand-grind beans and hand-pour it, but a good coffee maker would be nice.

    Word verification poem:

    Unbeatable, the coffee bean,
    Nestled deep in the grinder unseen.
    Lever goes round and round,
    Every java bean ground.
    Dripping hot water completes the scene!

    (I haven't done one of these for a long time, and my muse muscles are out of shape...)

  8. Anonymous10:28 PM

    I dun need one coz I am a tea drinker :)