Monday, July 11, 2011

City life goes back to normal in Kuala Lumpur

What prompted this post is an email I received this morning and I thank the sender for her concern.

Interestingly, people outside of Kuala Lumpur still think it is chaotic here after the rally. Let me assure you that the situation is nothing like that. Life is back to normal as what we know it, like the rally on Saturday never happened. Come on, people! KL folks are more intelligent and more mature than that! We do what we think is right. We join the rally - I join in spirit. Mission accomplished. We disperse and go home to our loved ones. We go back to work the following Monday. Life goes on..

Here's proof that KL life is back to normal. This was taken in Chinatown, what looks like Petaling Street, near where the rally took place on Saturday. Life is back to normal.

KL KTM Station, Central Market, Pudu, Petaling Street and Bukit Bintang where protesters and police were locked in a stand-off were abuzz with locals and tourists.

But police maintained a small presence near Merdeka Stadium and Dataran Merdeka. All's well in Kuala Lumpur..

Source: The Star


  1. good thing that i was just a 1-day thing.. :)

  2. Good to know that everything is back to normal again. Phew! :(

  3. yeah, all back to normal.. and i'm pretty impressed with Malaysian's emotions.. in the previous second all are boiled with the yellow spirit, in the next second all are back to normal.. cool isn't it??

  4. That's good news to all traveling to KL. I know a lot of people visit KL.