Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Frolics - The Summer Test

Here's a quiz for Summer frolicking - but not quite applicable for us here in Malaysia, I suppose. the Summer bit, I mean. I'm not complaining though as sunshine all-year-round suits me fine. What does Summer mean to you? Pick an image of your choice to find out.

Summer Means Energy to HappySurfer

You are dynamic and edgy. No doubt about it... you've got pep!

You don't like to sit around wondering whether you should act. You prefer to get moving.

Confident and honest, you're the one to say what everyone else is thinking.

You are dynamic and goal focused. Success is a game for you, and you plan on winning.


  1. Bananaz in the SummerTime means "New Beginnings To You.."

    You are unselfconscious and totally natural in your behavior. You are free-spirited.
    You are a healing and calming influence. Many people open up and share their pain with you.

    You have cultivated gratitude and peace in your life. You see beauty in everything and in everyone.
    You are receptive and approachable. You are welcome the world with open arms.

  2. summer means warmth to me..

    You are a truly loving person. You are affectionate and warm-hearted. You are unselfish, humble, and altruistic. You get great joy from putting others first. You are tender and compassionate. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You are a virtual roller coaster of emotions, and most people enjoy the ride. You are full of delightful surprises.