Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Malaysia in haze

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There is no question that the haze is back. This is the time of the year that is not looked forward to but nevertheless has become a part of our life here in Malaysia.

Dry weather conditions during the south-westerly monsoon period, which is now, result in hotspots in both east and west Malaysia. Satellite images show more than 500 hotspots detected over the last two days - 217 hotspots in Sumatra on Sunday, and over 300 in Borneo and 13 in the peninsula as at 6am yesterday. Some visuals following, not to scare but for a better understanding.

Shroud over Kuala Lumpur yesterday..

Over in Petaling Jaya..

Penang was also not spared. Below is certainly not a pretty sight: A very hazy view of George Town, with the iconic Komtar just visible. According to the Penang Meteorological Department, rain is forecast in the next few days and this should help to reduce or clear the haze. If it'll help, everyone should think rain. I remember several years ago, I had a placard with the word 'Rain' displayed in my office to harness everyone's energy. No idea whether it worked. I want to think it did. But I digress..

Life goes on: The country may be shrouded in haze, but this hasn’t stopped SK Jalan Gurney students from donning masks and carrying on with their sporting activities in Semarak, Kuala Lumpur, Monday. Notice the Petronas Twin Towers shrouded in haze in the background.

On a positive note, moderate air quality readings have been recorded for most parts of the country as at 5pm yesterday based on the Department of Environment's Air Pollutant Index (API). A look at yesterday's API below..click to enlarge..
Health experts have urged patients with lung diseases not to go out into the open. They have also been advised to drink more water (applicable to everyone too, I'm sure) and to take precautions during the haze period. Shield yourself against the haze..

The haze did not affect MAS or AirAsia flights though a few domestic flights were rescheduled due to the early morning fog, not to be mistaken as haze.

Image source: The Star

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  1. A yearly occurrence that I don't look forward to. :(

  2. well right now.. from my office tower, it seems that it sorts cleared off.. not sure in KL tho..

  3. oh yeah, it's coming back again!! so fed up with it already.. no wonder my throat wasn't feeling that comfortable today..

  4. It's like seasonal! Damn it! :(

  5. This haze is really annoying me. It burns my eyes and my throat. My 3 month old baby has a cough and she is inside.

    Enough is enough. Malaysian politicians need to do more than just talk about it. Act!