Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

The inevitable has arrived. Steve Jobs is leaving Apple as CEO.

(CNN) -- It's a moment many tech fans hoped never would come: Steve Jobs' resignation from the helm of Apple, which he co-founded from his family garage in 1976.

As that news hit early Wednesday evening on the East Coast, people rushed to online social networks to mourn the apparent end of Jobs' career; talk about what this means for the future of Apple products like the iPhone; and wish him good health.

"The end of an era!" one Twitter user wrote.

"I pray it's not bc (because) of his health," said another.
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Source: CNN


  1. Its kinda sad and a huge loss. Life goes on we have to accept it. tQ

  2. Bananaz, a loss indeed. Hope it's not because of health reasons.

  3. well, change might not be bad.. he resigned as CEO but will remain as president of the board, guess he needs more personal time and let Tim Cook take the challenge..

  4. Aug 25 to go down in history when two CEOs are making stunning news. Warren Buffet U$5b into Bank of America via Berkshire Hathaway and S Jobs leaving Apple.

  5. SK, yeah, big shoes to fill for Tim Cook but some people feel Apple is not just Steve Jobs who now takes on the role as Chairman of the Board.

    Bananaz, Warren Buffett is a wise and generous man. He has also contributed big time to the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation dedicated to bringing innovations in health, development, and learning to the global community. He's also suggesting higher taxes for the super-wealthy folks. Malaysia could do with this too but would need to ensure the income doesn't go astray. ahem..

  6. Tsk tsk! And I'm going cynical..