Friday, August 5, 2011

Pumps? What comes to mind..

Tell me, at the mention of "pumps" what comes to mind for you?

Chances are ladies (being ladies), footwear would come to mind while guys being the more mechanically-inclined gender would think of water pumps and such. Exactly!

The other day at the cafeteria, my (female) colleagues and I had a good laugh when we were all excited when we overhead a male colleague on the phone talking excitedly about pumps! We later found out he was referring to goulds pumps he was sourcing for the engine room. What a laugh we had.

Which reminds me, the Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival is back again and will be on until Aug 31 and I haven't gone shopping yet! Have you?


  1. You remind me to go shopping for Raya! :)

  2. Happy shopping, Lina. Go early for better choices (I think).

  3. till you drop..haha.