Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PixelTuneup fixes plasma burn in on TVs

Here is a gadget that can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you own a television set at home. A TV set lasts a long time but like any other electronics equipment, it can sometimes wear out before it's time.

What do you do with your tv if you find it has burn in, color and contrast not quite what they used to be? Chances are if the problem persists, the usual course of action would be to have the tv replaced. When plasma burn in occurs, you will see faint images of channel logos, sports banners, computer desktop images, game console menus, side bar and others on your tv screen. Though the tv still works, these faint stuck pixel images can be annoying resulting in a lesser-than enjoyable tv-watching experience. Most, if not all of us would just replace the tv not knowing about a gadget that can fix stuck pixels. But wait! Before you go out and spend that cash, there is something else you can do to rectify the problem. Take a look at this video first.

PixelTuneup is the world’s first stuck pixel fixer that improves picture quality and eliminates image retention. It improves color and contrast, eliminates stuck pixels, reduces effects of burn in. It corrects image retention in LCD and LED TVs. There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with the result. It says on the website that regular use will also help protect your television set or monitor from static images like cable channel logos, sports banners, computer desktop images, game console menus, and side bar.

PixelTuneup pays for itself many times over eliminating the need for costly repairs or a tv replacement. There is no need to buy a new tv if you don't have to, PixelTuneup may save your hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


  1. Bananaz still using the 14" Sony old TV bought in the 90s as spare and in meantime watching a huge old fashion 20" TV given by sis-in-law. Had it repaired the other day for RM110 & the smaller Sony to get back its color and rid off the fine lines fora special RM40. The TV repairman goes house to house and we can relax at home. Will keep this info in mind when Bananaz changed to LCD or Plasma or dont know what would be in store in future. tQ.

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