Friday, August 26, 2011

Buying gold online

Most of us do some shopping online, some regularly shop online while a small number of us even shop online 100% of the time choosing not to go through the hassle of driving to a physical store thus avoiding traffic jams and long queues at the checkout counter. And for some, shopping online could be the best thing that's ever happened!

We buy books, clothes, shoes, household items, kitchenware, insurance, movie tickets, watches, CDs, DVDs, medications, exercise equipment and lots of others online. Perhaps, it's now time that we also buy gold coin online. Besides the price factor, the next stumbling block to buying gold (or silver and other precious metals) is that it is not that convenient. Wouldn't you agree? For instance, over here, in order to buy gold, one has to go to a bank, open an account by filling in a form before ownership of gold can happen. Maybe it's the same procedure in other countries, I don't know.

I just received an email about a vending machine for buying gold coins in many denominations but that is only in Abu Dhabi. I'm pretty sure this convenience won't happen anywhere else in the world for a long time or perhaps never at all. If you are looking to buying gold online or to buy gold coin, the next best thing would be buying it online. Buying gold online offers many advantages especially if you are shopping with Oxbridge House where they have experts to help you with your transaction whether it's for an investment or a collection.

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