Monday, August 22, 2011

Going bananas..

Are you a Monday blues person or one who says, "Thank God It's Monday!"? I'm not kidding about the latter. Some of us really do prefer Mondays to other days for their own reason(s). Me? Mondays are alright though Friday is still my favorite day of the week. Psst... I'm a Friday child.

Feeling the blues today? Here is something to cheer you up a little. Bananarama comes to mind, doesn't it? Holy bananassssss!

Image source: The Star thumbnail


  1. holy banananz!! that's really a REproductive one!! haha.. so i guess the owner got his ROI one shot~~ :D

  2. Bananarama ya,,I love them,,,,,

    I am just like you friday freak,don't know why? but Monday is ok with me too but now i prefer Wednesday juga, cos it is the early indication that the weekend is here,,hahahah

    now you have a great week ahead

  3. my fave days is Friday:) great articles. added you in my site! pls do the same, thanks!

  4. Local Banana ...Yummmy,,,

    Compared to those commonly available genetically modified banana in Supermarkets, native banana are much better and healthier.

    Did u notice that those genetically modified banana last longer (even the flies stay away) and taste like chemicals?

  5. Hahaha :D I believe this banana trees must have been mutated.