Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Frolics - The Sphere Test

Doesn't time fly! It's Friday again, which I didn't realize until past eleven, and time for another round of a fun personality quiz. No work or grey matter needed this week. Just pick the sphere that appeals to you. Check it out and have fun! Warm wishes for a beautiful day ahead..

Btw, on the subject of grey matter, here's a little extra information for smokers (borrowed from Wikipedia).

Effects of smoking

Older smokers lose grey matter and cognitive function at a greater rate than non-smokers. Chronic smokers who quit during the study lost fewer brain cells and retained better intellectual function than those who continued to smoke. There you go..

..and now, the quiz -

You Are Methodical

You hold yourself accountable for your actions. In the end, you have to live with yourself.

You ask important questions. You believe a good question is worth more than a good answer.

You think logically and don't show your feelings - even when pressed. You keep your emotions under wraps.

You are a fact-finder. You are concert with what's real and actual.

Your turn, take


  1. Missing your Friday Frolics leh. Hahaha sama sama you woh.."You Are Methodical" got some choon-ness in it lah..haha tQ.

  2. Lucky Bananaz quit smoking long ago after 8 pocket burning years haha.

  3. i chose the green one, and I AM REAL!! quite true, except the last sentence..

    You only know how to live authentically. You're not the type of person who can fake it. You love to delve deeply into ideas. You can't stand anything too superficial or shallow. You are a good-humored, truly blissful person. You love life, and you inspire other people to let go a little. When you meet someone, you tend to want to learn a lot about their dreams and inner desires.

  4. Oh it's hard to choose! There's one green ball that looks like a watermelon to me! Making me hungry haha!!

    Finally chose the blue ball cos I like blue colour haha!

    This is the result..

    You have a good sense of humor. You always have a wry comment or joke to tell.
    Happy and upbeat, you are always optimistic. It's about what you have... not about what you don't.

    You are energetic to the point of being athletic and sporty. You love to get out there and be physical.
    You have the strength to provide great comfort to others. You are solid and grounded.

  5. Bananaz, thank you. Oops! I only realized that I skipped last Friday's after I came back from a trip uphill at Genting Highlands. LOL on "choon-ness" (accuracy). Same here.

    I just found out a packet of 20 cigarettes is now at RM20.00! Horrors! But which is a good thing too though the price is not a deterrent enough for die-hard smokers - no pun intended.

  6. SK, amazing how true these simple tests are, isn't it? Even it they are not, they are still fun to do, eh?

  7. Foong, I sometimes check out the next-best option after I'd picked the one and this time, the blue sphere was my secondary choice.

    Looks like the green one could be your secondary choice. Close to SK's personality then just me to yours (the blue sphere). Hope you had some fun doing it.