Monday, August 29, 2011

Steel storage cabinets from Durham Manufacturing

Looking for a fire-resistant non-flammable storage cabinet? You have come to the right place. Durham Manufacturing manufactures top quality metal cabinets, steel storage cabinets, industrial storage products, shelving and racks, industrial workbenches, plastic products used in packaging, and more.

Their new non-flammable storage cabinets are sturdy all welded double wall steel construction. You have a choice of 10 cabinets of 5 manual closing, 5 self closing with 60- & 90- gallon models having internal 16 gauge reinforcements. They have 2” wide louvers support shelves, adjustable on 4” centers. They all come with an improved security feature of recessed lockable paddle latch and 3-point locking system. These are just a few of the strong features of their new non-flammable storage cabinets. Check out their website for the rest.

Durham Manufacturing has a wide selection of industrial storage products including industrial-duty 16-gauge metal cabinets, heavy-duty 14-gauge steel cabinets and extra-heavy-duty 12-gauge steel storage cabinets; all with high security locking provisions.

Durham Manufacturing also produces heavy-duty pegboard steel cabinets, janitorial metal storage cabinets, and heavy-duty extra-wide bin cabinets. They also produce complementary components such as bins, drawer cabinets, drawer cabinet systems, rotary shelving, bulk storage cabinets, and mobile cabinets.

Nothing beats metal cabinets for durability, versatility and general usefulness. When you purchase a cabinet from Durham, you know you have the best product in the market. Established in 1922, Durham Manufacturing is synonymous with top quality.


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    I think you mean, "fire-resistant". I own several Durham Mfg steel storage units, and wouldn't if they were "flammable"!

  2. Dear Anonymous, thank you. Error has been corrected.

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