Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where to Buy Pepper Spray

If you are like some of my co-workers wondering where you can buy pepper spray, you need wonder no more. You can buy it online through Sabre Red.

Sabre Red offers a variety of products for self-defense, including pepper spray sometimes called OC spray, bear spray (for hikers, campers, hunters and outdoorsmen), and mace spray. Theirs is the most potent pepper spray on the market. When you buy pepper spray through Sabre Red, you're guaranteed more sprays per container and a more potent solution than any of the competitors' sprays. In addition, most Sabre Red’s pepper sprays contain a marking dye that shows up under UV light, making it easy for police to identify attackers after they have been incapacitated.

Taking steps to ensure personal safety is one's own responsibility. There's no reason to put yourself at risk when there are such devices available to protect yourself. Whether you are going to the park for a jog, or you're commuting to and from work, you can equip yourself with one of these non-lethal personal safety sprays or a stun gun. I hear pepper sprays not not a legal item to own here in our country, but I think some women do have one in their purse. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Why buy pepper spray? Watch the video above.


  1. Thank for the info but i don't need pepper stray,, i am too kind to be harassed hahahahha

  2. Where I can buy the biggest pepper spray...??? I want put in my car...