Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sperm Storage and Egg Storage to preserve fertility

Ever thought of fertility preservation? What this entails is preserving your semen, egg or embryo in the event of a sickness, in particular cancer.

FertileFuture is a California Cryobank program of an organization with a company vision To be the world leader in reproductive and stem cell services by helping to grow and protect healthy families. Their Mission is To provide the highest quality reproductive and stem cell products and services, guided by dedicated customer focus, unmatched scientific excellence and innovative leadership.

California Cryobank's FertileFuture program includes the following fertility preservation services: sperm banking and storage, embryo storage and egg storage. They also offer andrology services and a Directed "Known" Donor program.

Why would men consider banking their sperm? There are a number of scenarios for Sperm Storage including: prior to treatment for cancer, before a vasectomy, or before military deployment. Storing before an upcoming fertility treatment for his partner or for low sperm count patient may be yet another reason.

For a woman, Embryo/Egg Storage may be considered by female cancer patients who may choose to store their eggs or create and store embryos prior to treatment.

California Cryobank is able to perform the following andrology services: semen analysis, sperm washes and cultures. They also provide screening and sperm storage by those individuals who have a specific individual in mind to be their sperm donor.

In addition to their FertileFuture program, California Cryobank offers a variety of services including: their anonymous sperm donor services, cord blood banking, genetic counseling, and post-conception services.

Check out the site for other information including Cancer, financial assistance, Cancer Fertility, immediate needs and more.

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  1. i didnt know there is such technology.. to store and preserve such fragile body cells.. cool :P