Sunday, August 28, 2011

Get your First audition through

Now here is an exciting site, that is if you are an actor, a singer, a musician, a dancer or a model or if you are someone aspiring to be one of these. is a casting call resource site which offers daily casting calls and auditions, talent profiles, and other member resources. Their goal is to help talented people pursue their dreams by connecting them with casting professionals, and opportunities.

If you are attending acting classes and are ready to show off your acting skills or you think you are ready to take on the world with your singing, sign up and open a profile with TalentJUG and start being noticed and get that first open casting call. TalentJUG has 1500 casting call directors!

Signing up for membership is easy. Being a member, you will have your own Personalized Profile Pages of up to 50 images which would make up your pictorial portfolio. There is also the facility for you to upload videos to further exhibit your skills and talents. If you are a singer, you can upload audio to your profile. When you become a member, you are able to access TalentJUG's Resource Directory. All information you need will be at just a few mouse-clicks away. Why wait, sign up now and have access to thousands of Nationwide (U.S.) and Worldwide Casting Calls. To give you an idea on the scope of opportunities available, here is a screenshot of the Casting Call Resources available on
If you have been wanting to be a model or one on a part-time basis and have no idea of any casting agency, you have one now, sort of. Though TalentJUG is not a casting agency and does not schedule any audition, they are there to provide the resources in which you get connected to people who make casting calls be it film directors, musical directors, advertisers, artists and painters, record labels, talent scouts, the options are tremendous. And they to you. Don't wait! Open a Profile today! Who knows, you may get your very first audition through!

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