Sunday, October 16, 2011

KL Chinatown Jalan Sultan Mural

This is a follow-up post to the earlier post, Preserving Kuala Lumpur Chinatown heritage with a Mural.

Wish I was able to be at Chinatown on Saturday to witness this Jalan Sultan mural in the making. It used to be a sad, dilapidated wall along the Jalan Sultan stretch here. In fact, the site here used to be a funeral parlour for many decades if not a century, which probably accounts for the plot being left alone even after it has stopped operating as one.

The group of 60 artists and well-wishers on Saturday transformed the location into something artistic and bright at the same time playing a part in preserving Chinatown's heritage which dates back to the Yap Ah Loy era of the mid-1800s.

Here is a glimpse of some of the many artworks adorning the wall. These are video-shots picked up from the video below.

Video to watch..

Visitors to yesterday's event also got to go on a heritage walk that took them to historic sites in Chinatown, including the Petaling Street gateway and Lee Lam Thye market.

More..Mural project gives Jalan Sultan colourful facelift, The Star


  1. yay, i was there!! read your post and i went down to have a look, not really seen any overwhelming crowd but then it's the spirit that counts.. claps to all the artists who didn't mind sweating under the hot sun.. [coming up in my post today]

  2. Realy nice post, HS. (well set of posts I guess).

    Very enlightening. The statements of the artists in the video are so moving and thought provoking. Beautiful!

    The introduction states, "A place without a past is like a man without memories." Great line. I'll have to save it on my computer (since my own memory is not so good! lol).

    The world has a lot to learn from Malaysia.

  3. Wah!! Nice mural!! Love the arts!

  4. There is another cultural heritage being endangered. The Loke Yew Hall built in 1907. It used to be maintained by the PAM and an art gallery, but during my recent visit, I hear DBKL has taken over, and now its boarded up and very neglected, even the horse stables looks burnt down and the there are squatters there. Please pass the message around. If you can, check with people you know from the conservation societies and professional bodies on the status of this grand old mansion. My personal contacts regarding this area is very limited Thanks. My blog post of my recent visit there. Photos of better times: