Friday, October 7, 2011

2011 Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, Oct 7-16, MAEPS Serdang

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If you enjoy reading and/or a book-collector and looking for a real good bargain, plus are located in the Klang Valley, you sure would not want to miss this book sale touted to be the world’s biggest book sale.

This year's Big Bad Wolf Book Sale promises to be bigger and badder with more than 1.5 million books from around the world!

Affectionately-dubbed The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is organized by BookXcess, a one-stop book retail outlet located in Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya. The organisers, husband-and-wife team behind BookXcess, CEO Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng, hope to attract more than 500,000 fans this year up from 80,000 last year. This is the fourth year running with the current year's sale bigger than the last.

The book sale starts from today, Oct 7 and will run right up to Oct 16 at an exhibition park in the Klang Valley. Venue details and map to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale as follows:
All books in every category come with discounts from 75% to 95% off the usual retail price. You would be spoilt for choice from the wide selection from latest paperbacks, coffee table books, box sets, pop-up art books, and backdated imported magazines. Something for everyone.

OCBC credit cardholders will also enjoy an additional 5% discount during the sale.

Happy shopping!

Source: Big Bad Wolf book sale returns next month


  1. Going to buy lots of books? :)

  2. The prospect is exciting! And one day isn't enough.

  3. Bought a few books the last time and have not finished reading hahaha..snail speed. tQ for the info.

  4. now waiting for the Fire Sale, if any :)

  5. book worm3:11 PM

    I just came back from the sales and it is incredible! Atlas of the world which cost RM320 are sold for RM60? Even quality children books from overseas are sold for RM5 to RM10! I carried 2 boxes of books home today. LOVE IT...

  6. Bananaz, I know what you mean, some books take a little while to finish.

    Small Kuching, Fire Sale sounds just as exciting. Hope your calves from all that walking at the preview are feeling better. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. Book worm, OMG, OMG, Oh My G! Yeah, I saw the price and booklist earlier and those prices are like wow!

    You have really hiked up my excitement! Do they provide boxes too? I was thinking of bringing a huge bag or something. A suitcase would be good, I was thinking.

    Hey, thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience. I appreciate it very much. So would my readers, I'm sure.

    Going again? ;)

  8. Calves still aching but die happy LOL.Good idea to bring suitcase or big trolley bag. Dont worry. They will let you in. In fact they encourage ppl to bring their own bags and trolley