Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Interesting Videos

Good morning and a happy Monday! I would like to share a few short videos this morning. The first two, which in real life, almost all of us would never get to experience in person. Enjoy all of them!

Flying At 35000ft., Passing Between Three Airliners

View from inside Jenson Button's racing car. Jenson Excited – Ever wondered what goes through Jenson’s mind when he’s driving?

If you are a Trekkie or a Star Wars fan, you will like this one..LEGO StarWars

Here's one for the techies..Samsung GALAXY Note – Samsung GALAXY Note is a new type of smartphone, borne of consumer insights and innovation.

If you have been to a video arcade, you would identify with this. How do you choose? – A mother and her son in a supermarket buying/choosing their fish with a device that is normally used at fun fairs to catch prizes.

Last one - about quitting smoking and running a marathon


  1. Love the COCKPIT VIEW..never ever have the chance to watch it in real life. tQ.

  2. Nice cockpit view. Not seeing the other videos though....?

  3. Wow! So many videos! The cockpit view sure is amazing - and yes, very likely will never experience that in real life!

    The Lego StarWars video is so cute!! I like!! : )