Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Malaysian politics at its lowest?

I read with disgust this article from The Star about an allegation against the son of an Opposition party leader who is the Chief Minister of Penang, the state that has done wonders ever since the Opposition took charge after they won the last General Election in 2008.

Here is the story..Lim: Finish me off, but leave my children out of this

Politics is dirty, we all know that, but to attack the politician targetting his/her family members especially children is despicable.


  1. The state of politics in this country and all the shenanigans our politicians made just made me stop believing that politicians want to do the best for our country not for their pockets. :(

  2. Politick-ians now gatal again with fleas all over sigh!

  3. yes, really dirty politics.. but well, we've seen a lot perhaps this is the first on involving the kids.. disgusting!!