Monday, October 3, 2011

Safety and Security measures in malls and shopping complexes

After the recent explosion at the Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya, the people must now be jittery and concerned over safety measures at shopping centres and malls. What are malls doing to ensure public safety and security? Let's look at some inputs from The Star's reporting:

Some complexes even have a team of qualified personnel trained in Liqueified Petroleum Gas (LPG) management.

Sungei Wang Plaza Management Corporation (Promotions and Public Relations) senior manager K.K. Lim said their LPG team carried out daily inspections to ensure that all their equipment were in good condition.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur - in an email to The Star:
One of the keys to this is always ensuring the safety of our tenants, visitors and employees.

“Towards this end, we continuously work with all related authorities, developing comprehensive plans, incorporating best practices and regularly conducting safety drills to ensure optimal standards of safety are met,’’ the e-mail read.

IUtama operations manager Anderson Chong said it had always been 1Utama’s policy to place safety as their priority.

“We engage competent contractors to maintain all our mechanical and electrical systems to ensure the highest safety standard is maintained at all times.

“This is via vigorous checking and periodic preventive maintenance.

Sunway Pyramid’s marketing and communications manager Darren Chear also reiterated the fact that the complex practises regular maintenance and inspection exercises to ensure that all systems are in working order.

There you have it. If you are a frequent visitor to these malls, the measures undertaken by their management could offer some comfort. Where security is concerned, still it would be good to be aware of your surroundings especially where security is concerned. Security cameras may be a deterrent but they will not be able to run to your aid in time of need.

By the way, here is another view of the mess inside the Empire Shopping Gallery after the explosion. The explosion also damaged the adjoining office block and studio apartments. Four people were injured. The mall is now undergoing round-the-clock repairs.

Source: Public nervous after blast


  1. Yes,, same fire............

    Yes, we need to train more on the LPG management,,this is very common in the west,, must have periodical checks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  2. Anonymous7:09 PM

    The photo of the aftermath of the explosion (featured in today's paper) looked like an earthquake hit the mall.

    Security measures need to be reviewed for malls in the country.

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  4. What was the cause of that explosion? Sorry, I missed that.

  5. well, i guess newer malls are more prone to such problems..

  6. Eugene, I'm with you on this. Safety must be a top priority.

    Hope your friend is coping well after the fire.

    Hi Mei Teng, good to have you visit again. How are you? Trust you are doing great. Don't be a stranger, yeah?

    I couldn't agree more about the mess after the blast. Hopefully incidents like this and the one at AEON Jusco outlet in Malacca would serve as a wake-up call for more stringent standards.

  7. MM, LOL, I love the other comment! Love it, love it, love it to bits! Such gusto and so appropriate if this incident is indeed that.

    Cause of explosion is confirmed by the authorities as a gas leak from a restaurant.

  8. SK, oh? You think so?