Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Haze over Malaysia

The country was shrouded in moderate haze today caused by dry weather. Every year around this time sees the country going through a hazy period due to the dry spell.

However, an evening downpour caused flash floods that snarled traffic for hours on several major roads in Kuala Lumpur, Serdang, Bangi, Nilai and Kajang.

Looking forward to better weather conditions tomorrow.

Image source: The Star


  1. Oh no!! Not the haze again!! Luckily it rained a little today. Not so hot and quite breezy. Hope it stays this way : )

  2. Ugh. That doesn't look good.

    PS: I'm getting a bit tired of summer, but we'll have to wait three more months for Tokyo's autumn spectacle to start. Sigh.

  3. ya several friends caught in the traffic jam yesterday

    Just half an hour ago, we had suddenl rain. 5 mins then stopped :(