Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Recreational hazard from football

Getting injured at work is one thing and probably unavoidable, brushed off as occupational hazard. What about getting injured at play? Certainly no fun at all.

A colleague is again hobbling around the office in a leg brace (Corflex brand, I think I saw) having sustained the injury in a football match over the weekend. We are all used to him in this condition by now as he has been injured far too many times. He's in one of the KL football leagues, which explains his numerous misadventures. Poor chap!

Talk about football, it was a harrowing experience watching Manchester United's last match with Southampton. Glad it was 3-2 to MU's advantage. MU is now at #5 below Manchester City, West Bromwich Albion, Swansea City and Chelsea FC on top with 9 points having not lost any game so far.


  1. Yup...dangerous for professional footballer to get hurt during a game. it could end their career if the injury is not taken care of properly

  2. Blogging also poses a hazard to the eyes & neck haha. Cant wait to go for my eye ops and return soon. Its a high price to be a football star as injuries are inevitable. Wonder can the pros insure their legs?

  3. yeah, i think professional sportsmen get injured rather easily.. and most of the time, serious injuries.. lucky your colleague is used to have fractured legs all the time~~ :p