Monday, September 25, 2006

A Birthday Dedication

I know, I know, by the time you read this it's probably two days late in reality but let's cheat a little and make it realtime shall we? Check out the entry date. This is a birthday dedication and if your birthday falls on September 25, then it's for you.

Happy Birthday

From the HAZELNUT TREE (the Extraordinary),
You are
- charming, undemanding, very understanding, knows how to make an impression, active fighter for social cause, popular, moody, and capricious lover, honest, and tolerant partner, precise sense of judgment.

And being a Swan
- You are a complex character. While appearing on the surface as a calm and relaxed individual, underneath they are working hard to keep up with the pace of modern life. If provoked their natural graceful demeanour can give way to a violent temper which puts them in a flap. They are definitely someone to have on your side.

A September person is
*Suave and compromising *Careful, cautious and organised *Likes to point out people's mistakes *Likes to criticize *Quiet but able to talk well *Calm and cool *Kind and sympathetic *Concerned and detailed *Trustworthy, loyal and honest *Does work well *Sensitive *Thinking *Good memory *Clever and knowledgeable *Loves to look for information *Must control oneself when criticising *Able to motivate oneself *Understanding *Secretive *Loves sports, leisure and travelling *Hardly shows emotions *Tends to bottle up feelings *Choosy especially in relationships *Loves wide things *Systematic

And as a Number 7 person
- You have got the attraction to anyone out there. You are realistic, very confident, happy, such a Talented individual with your Education, Music, Arts, Singing,and most importantly Acting have real problems with bad temper!! if you are a girl you are popular in the subjects listed above. You give up things for your parents, meaning you value your family a lot. If you are a guy you are popular with Girls. You are very talented.

- You are a wonderful, Friendly, Artistic and Happy person.. you are born to contribute a lot to this world!!!

And from the Egyptian almanac, your sign is Ra - the Sun God
- You'll have no trouble finding Mr/Ms Right because you're what every man/woman is looking for - tender,understanding, passionate, and Intensely loyal. Men/Women will flock to you, so you can afford to be choosy. Pick the man/woman who is most deserving of the prize you are, and don't look back. Your only fault is a tendency to wonder if you made the right choices in the past, so keep your eyes peeled on the future.

So...we covered all the good sides. Perhaps time to get this Libra down to earth a bit.
- Your inability to reach a decision in matters of personal action is legendary. You like to weigh all the alternatives and hear every side of an argument - but this may take time and opportunities may pass you by because of it. You also like to expand energy on people who may not deserve it - You want to help the underdog. You are also sensitive to criticism and may take mild statements of fact very personally.

Advice: Follow your instincts and act on them - stop sitting on fences. Don't blindly trust people, learn to be a little more discriminating in your offers of help. Learn to think for yourself and don't be swayed by persuasive tongues.

There you go. Hope that was interesting reading.

Happy Birthday again and Many Happy Returns.
May you have happiness always.

Do you know anyone who celebrates a birthday on this date?


  1. Anonymous8:24 PM

    So sweet...
    I want one I want one...
    Act like kid again...
    Ahem... ahem...
    Happy birthday to all on the date
    But still you are very sweet

  2. Can I change my birthday?

    While I'm at it, can I change my birth year ?

  3. Ok, someone dear has a Birthday 25the Sept.. Happy Birthday, Karen!!!

  4. Z, thanks. Sure, I could do one up for you too if you'd let me know your DOB. Eh? ;)

    MM, why not? It's only a number and numbers can lie.

    LB, so sweet of you. Happy Birthday, Karen.

  5. Wah wah wah wah, so nice..

    and I almost missed it... luckily from now to my chinese birthday is my birthday month and i am accepting wishes throughout the month.

    Thanks Happy, and Yes, I do know someone I meet a few times a day who is having his birthday on 25 Sep.

    He says thanks too and may you have a good year ahead.

  6. Robin, you are welcome. Happy birthday and many, many happy returns.