Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pomelo Cat

A follow-up from the previous post, just like grandpa, even kitties can have one. Look, Robin's kitty is sporting one too. Isn't she a darling?
I'm assuming it's a she but oh no! she's got whiskers.... Oh well..

(Thanks, Robin, for letting me use the cute picture.)


  1. cute enough to use as a profile pic!

  2. pomelo craze... @_@

    i can't manage to find pomelo, i will do with watermelon.

  3. Anonymous9:59 AM

    The cat looks serious yet cute
    Definitely a priceless moment

  4. The cat doesn't look very happy about it.

  5. Seriously, the picture reminds me of one unforgettable traffic cop long ago, looking stern in his helmet, eyes tapering upwards, and long moustache...ever ready to book motorists.

  6. FH2o, could be your next one?

    YD, we'd love to see it posted.

    Z, yeah, serious is the word.

    Pandabonium, looks like it, doesn't it? Robin must have promised her lots before she'd allow her picture to be taken.

    Joe, haha... she kinda reminds me of a samurai - don't know why.

  7. Like francis said, cute enough to use as profile pic. For Robin too of course.

    And I believe it's a she. Can't miss that deep mascara

  8. Agus, "For Robin too of course."

    Who knows, Robin's profile started with the picture of Batman's sidekick then evolved to Metta and now the award-winning kitty and up next probably this cutie pie of a kitty in pomelo. haha..

    Deep mascara? You sure know a thing or two about the 'she' species. LOL!